Half way through cleaning with concrete cleaner and a power washer.
The corner was originally covered with dirt, leaves and moss. 
Moss and Mildew Stains
After less than an hour, the concrete looked new. 

Garage Door Project

We can power wash your house and garage as well. The first picture shows the halfway point of the project. The complete job was done in less than an hour. 
  1. Inside looking out of the same window after cleaning. the window now has a bright shine to it.
  2. Second story window with a limited amount of reflection from the sun. You can see that the window looks dull with very little shine.
  3. This is the same window close up. We used a 20 foot ladder to access the window.
  4. Again, this is the same second story window from the outside. You can see that the window build up has been removed and you can see a crisp clear reflection.

Bathroom Shower Cleaning

This shower was in need of a deep clean. We used bathroom cleaner and a scrub brush to clean. The total time was about 45 minutes (15 minutes to soak, 30 minutes to scrub clean.

Yard Maintenance

We offer a variety of services to help maintain your yard. Need your yard cleaned up? Need old brush pulled? Do you want to add a deck or a tropical oasis in your back yard? We have you covered!
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